Spook Trail (Halloween 2005) and campout

Camp Perry - near Rio Hondo, Texas

Mesquite campsite the Southernmost one in Camp Perry - 29 Oct. 2005
Note the hill on the north side of Mesquite Campsite.
It is actually the berm built up to accept fill when the Arroyo Colorado was dredged
to become the Harlingen Barge Canal
The land on the North side of this berm out nearly to the road (FM 1420) is called the Mud Flats
It is expressly forbidden to go into (on to) the Mud Flats.
The land up there may be unstable and one could sink down into the muck,
even though there may be a skin of what looks to be stable ground on top.

gear transport to the Mesquite Camp - at the far end of the trail - 29 and 30 Oct. 2005

Plant identification session - Camp Perry
One of the non-spooky events on 29 Oct. 2005

Preparing for the Spook Trail which was part of the Cub Adventure Weekend
Troop 583 set up the Spook Trail for the Halloween celebration at Camp Perry.
These are pictures of some of the participants which made the trail a success.

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