Troop 583 - Venture Crew 583
with assistance from Troops 84 and 66

created and staffed the Fall 2007 Spook Trail
at the Arrowhead district Cub Adventure Weekend at Camp Perry, Texas.

Some members of the Troop and Crew arrived Friday night Oct. 26, camping Friday and Saturday nights.
Others came in on Saturday to participate in the event.

Several sections of the trail were very overgrown with thorny shrubs which grew luxuriantly due to several rains earlier in the year.
We did a serious amount of trimming to make them safe for the Cub Scouts and their parents. --

overgrown trail - original condition

more overgrown trail.

The Nature pavillion, our set up area.


Scouts eat with healthy appetites to fortify themselves for the evening exertions.

Loading the goodie bags

Setup - note hammock full of hundreds of prepared goodie bags

Beginning of costume preparation.


more pictures of this event may be added later.

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