Cub Adventure Weekend at Camp Perry
Spook Trail event
October 24-25, 2009

Map of the proposed trail.

Part of Troop 583 camp - in Mesquite campground.
Many of Troop 583 contingent arrived after 10 PM on Friday and set up camp.
As soon as we settled in for the night it began to rain.
It rained on and off all night, but was perfectly clear at sunrise on Saturday.

Setting up the trail.
Other members of Troop 583 came to assist setting up the Spook Trail
and to run the trail.
Other assistance was provided by Troop 41, who camped with us Saturday night.
Some from Troop 1954 and 61 also assisted.

Trail Guardians

a web, one of many, on the trail.

Unwinding after the event.

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