Spook Trail at Cub Adventure Weekend

22 - 24 October 2010
Camp Perry, Texas

The Spook Trail is one of the final events in the Cub Adventure Weekend which takes place at Camp Perry (Rio Grande Council of BSA) in late October each year.
This year Crew 583 did the major planning and execution and was greately aided by Scouts from Troop 80, Troop 41 and a few scouts from other Troops.

Troop 80 and Crew 583 shared the Mesquite campsite which is nearest the Spook Trail site, making it easy to set up the trail.

The Crew 583 camp at the Mesquite campsite at the southern end of Camp Perry, Texas.

Troop 80 had a campfire the evening of the event.
Here you see the fire as it was beginning to be put out.
Most of the Troop 80 campsite is shown in the background.

Crew 583 in attendance - minus a few adult leaders.


Some of the Spooks - these mostly from Troop 41.

Many of the Spooks, just in place, just before the Cubs and parents arrived.

Spook trail - Witches nest

Prep just before show time.

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