Camp Perry - Summer Camp 2006
July 16-22, 2006

The experience of Troop 583 - Arrowhead District - McAllen, Texas

Our encampment - at the Killdeer site.
Note the larger silver tarp cover over the larger pavillion.
This was added after the rain proved that the older tarp leaked.
The new one is 20ft x 30ft and extends 10 feet out the side, forming a sort of porch.

We put a shade over the tents.

Camp Perry has a tall flagpole.

Waiting for Flag Ceremony to begin. Staff are in blue caps.

Large cans, modified as a service project for the camp hang from the edge of the pavillion.

We ate all our meals at the camp screened cafeteria.

The Archery Range.

Archery close-up.

Some of the Staff and leadership, at the Awards ceremony.

The Scouts from 583 who camped this week.

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