Summer Camp 2007 at Camp Perry, Texas
24 - 30 June 2007

2007 is Camp Perrys 80th Anniversary

We arrived at Camp Perry about 2:00 pm and loaded what was needed for a week long camp into Kildeer campsite.
Rain threatned and a pavillion was set up, also a scout wall tent for a supply tent.
The thundershower hit and it poured for just under an hour. When it passed we noted that there was an inch of water in a straight sided bucket.

Parking lot pool after the rain on Sunday.

Camp setting up.

Camp gate in its early stages.

Troop 583 in foreground. At the first flag ceremony.

Troop 583 with some of the parents on the right.

Camp Staff, addressed by Mr. T. at first flag ceremony
after the flooding thundershower.

Renovated Archery center.

The waterfront.

Camp Perry passes certification.
Ernie and Mr. T. celebrate.

A slow moment in camp.

Barge traffic on the Arroyo Colorado.

The entrance gate from the outside.

Our neighbors in camp.

Camp almost full. Flag on 26 June.

Troop 583 gets blue flag on camp inspection.

Parents night supper

Parents night festivites

Hiking the packs out to the parking lot.
Going home.

The survivors just before leaving - 30 June 2007.

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