Pow Wow 2010 at Camp Perry Texas

3 - 4 - 5 December 2010
Camp Perry, Texas

Pow Wow is the most heavily attended event in Rio Grande Council.
It is an event organized by the Order of the Arrow, Wewanoma Lodge 272 - R. Camacho, Lodge Chief.

Members of Crew 583 were some of the many who assisted in putting on the event.
Some members worked at the Webalos village, others worked at Arrow Making and Loom Beading.

Unlike last year, when it was cold, it was sunny and mildly warm (for here).
The daytime high tempreture was 85 degrees, with a morning low of 55 degrees.

Camp space was very tight. Crew 583 shared a satellite camp
far inside Javelina campsite at the northwestern part of Camp Perry, Texas.


tanning event prep. Saturday morning at Indian Village

arrival of the deer, slung on a pole - for preparation demonstration

- -
arrow making

- -
Cub Village activities - some Girl Scouts attended

after lunch things got hectic at arrow making

some of the MMA Troop reenacting Iwo Jima after the end of learning activities Saturday

After supper, indian dancing convened at the village -
good drumming, and good fire around which to dance.

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