Pow Wow 2011 - Indian Lore Weekend
2-3-4 December 2011
Camp Perry, Texas

- - web page shows the set-up - I do not have any photos of the actual celebration - -

Set up days before PowWow 2011

Indian Village area of Pow Wow setup
unfortunatelhy the small red, white and blue tipi is not well set up.

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Tipi Setup

Traditional way to tie the Tipi tripod
varies from normal Boy Scout tripod tie

Do NOT make this lashing too tight.
It must be snug, but loose enough to allow the tripod poles to spread.
If it is too tight one could break a pole when spreading the poles to their proper position.

When the tripod is set up and the poles spread, the knot looks like this, from below

Another angle of the knot with the raised tripod.

Tripod up. Positioning the poles is a matter of judgement.
The footprint is slightly oval, not round.
Generally one puts the poles not as far out as the eventual size.
After the cover (skin) is on one can adjust the poles by moving them out
by gently kicking them out from inside.

After the tripod is up
the first poles are laid on the tripod starting with the one North of the North door pole.
Note: the door should face East.
on the right a detail of how the poles lie at the intersection to the tripod.

continue adding poles - South side, next starting with South door pole
then working around towards the back.
Add back poles except for middle back. (That pole will be used to raise the tipi skin.)
- - - - -
Extend (add to) the rope used to tie the tripod if needed.
Then bring it outside the grouped poles and walk around the grouped poles
flipping it up and, if needed, pushing it up snug against where the poles come together with
one of the slightly shorter ear poles to secure the tipi poles. Wrap around 3 to 5 times, keeping it snug.

Using an ear pole loosly twist the wrapping rope on its end and loop the rope around over the top of
of one of the poles, perferably one of the original tripod poles.
Remove the rope from the end of the ear pole and pull down to lock the whole assemblage together.
The rope will hang down in the middle of the tipi until much later, when it can be tucked aside.

Tie the tipi skin to the Lifting Pole .

rolled tipi skin (cover) needs to be held to, and supported by, the Lifting Pole
when that pole is lifted in place in the middle of the back of the ring of poles.
then roll each side out and join by the door poles in the middle.
Then use the lacing sticks to connect the sides of the tipi above the door.
Put the top lacing stick in first. Sometimes there is a lacing at the top to fasten the sides together.

finishing lacing the outer skin with sticks

Stake down the perimiter of the tipi. Put stake in rope staking loops
and twist to tighten them against the stake. Then hammer into the ground.

Looking up on the inside.

Looking out the door after the cover is on.
Note the rope added wrapped around each pole.
The iner lining, if there is one, is hung from this.

Tying the inner lining, first around he top, then pulled out at the bottom and tied
with the bottom part folded in so that it stops any draft from blowing across the bottom.

Inner lining installed.

Tipi set up.

a ground cloth system is recomended.
First a moisture barier, followed by a canvas or other floor. Leave entrance area and fire area bare earth.
Note that it is often easier to put ground cloth down before installing the lining.

Tools, weapons, decorations may be hung from the poles and/or lining hanging rope.
Often a back rest will be included for comfortable living.

Yes, there are buffalo skins set down as foundations for the beds.

A rawhide box which stores things is on the right in the picture above.

The fire - hearth - is contained in the metal disk in the pictuer above.

The tipi in the Parade ground, behind the office, and next to the flag pole.

Area set up to process an animal and pit roast it.

Tipi door on and closed.

lodge owned tipis

activity area

It was a very dry year. No rain for months. There is nothing growing on the parking lot area and many other areas around camp.
In the distance the office building and behind that the parade ground.

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