Pow Wow 2014 at Camp Perry Texas

5 - 6 - 7December 2014
Camp Perry, Texas

Pow Wow is the most heavily attended event in Rio Grande Council.
It is an event organized by the Order of the Arrow, Wewanoma Lodge 272 >

At the side of the Front Gate to Camp Perry on a foggy morning.
Heading in to set up the white Tipi.

setup on Wednesday before PowWow

The gate to the village.

Looking across the Scout Village / Indian Village with early prep done, high weeds trimmed.
This year it is green. It rained. The past few years there was much bare earth due to drought.
Several large truck loads of gravel were spread as needed in parking areas.
A parking area to the south from the Camp Perry entrance was graveled.

~ ~ ~ the Boy Scout Activities ~ ~ ~

Mr. Key instructs Scouts in knife safety to get a event Tot-n-chip
which is necessary to participate in many of the activities.

Spoon Making by burning a divot in a stick with a glowing coal blowing on it with a bamboo tube to hasten charing.
Finally the shaping of the handle is carved with a knife.

Black Powder shooting - percussion cap, 50 cal. - Mr. Enos explaining things to younger Scouts


Crew 1849 assists teaching Mat Making.

Rope making - from Yucca leaves - pound the leaves - rinse fibers from pith - weave fibers

Shelter building - making a minimal shelter - good for emergencies

Using all parts of an animal

Understanding where food comes from - the carcases of both a deer and a wild hog were broght in and processed to eat.
A pit of coals was ready for the cooking. See pit on the right of the above photo.

preparing a deer hide for use

skinning a wild hog

Bow Drill Fire making - with enough friction and good tinder you get fire

Tipi Fire Building - good tinder - small twigs - then larger sticks make a good fire

Medallion necklace making - an artistic wood burning activity

Drumming and Singing

Story Telling - Learning some American Indian stories and how to tell them.

~ ~ ~ the Webalos Village Scout Activities ~ ~ ~

Story Telling
Blanket Ball
Games and Crafts

making medicine bags from bits of thin leather

making spinning whirring toys

Spoon making - burning - Webalos do not use bamboo tubes to hasten the process.

A marble game

There were other games which involved throwing arrows through hoops and
Shooting arrows from a stationary bow.

In the evening, after supper there was Indian Dancing and singing,
this is probably the climax of the Pow Wow experience for this event.

A weather front passed about 4 PM and it rained, then stopped,
and later started drizzling and raining.
This resulted in the Dancing being moved to the Dining Hall,
rather than being held at the Boy Scout Village (Indian Village) outside with a fire and torches.

The dance leaders singer and drumers preparing

the Dancers ready

Eagle Dance

- -

The troop from the MMA participated.

~ ~ ~ Sunday - after the event ~ ~ ~

Crew 1849 loaded benches brought out to the Scout Village
and unloaded them back into the Dining Hall.

All of the participating units had their assigments getting Camp Perry
back to a normal state, and clean for the next event.

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