Charlie Ward collection

of Boy Scout memorabilia
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Charlie Ward was active in Scouting in the Rio Grande Council throughout his whole life.
He was a collector of Scouting things. Scouting was close to his heart.
He was a Vigil Member of the Order of the Arrow - Wewanoma 272.

Some highlights of his collection are pictured in these web pages.
Most of the collection was sold at auction at an event at Camp Perry, Texas
on May 14, 2011. The proceeds went to the support of Camp Perry.

Items not pictured here include a collection of Scout Handbooks of various ages
and other books of an outdoor and Scouting nature.
There is also a sizable collection of Scouting mugs.
These pictures were taken on April 5 and April 8, 2011.

No this is not Charlie Ward
Tom Ball is modeling
Note this Capote is made from a 4 point Hudson Bay wool blanket

There are ties at the top of the hood to fold it over and secure the head from wind.

Explorer shirt - 50th Anniv. of Scouting patch (1960 ?).

Detail of shoulder patch on shirt above

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