Wood Badge in Spanish

Course S3-775-16-2
To be held in October 2016
in Rio Grande Council of the Boy Scouts of America
Camp Perry, Rio Hondo, Texas

To the best of our knowledge this is the first time that the BSA Wood Badge for the 21st Century course is offered in Spanish.
There are many in the Rio Grande Council area (along the border with Mexico in southernmost Texas)
are more comfortable in Spanish than English. The group wishes to offer the valuable Wood Badge training
to these leaders in their preferred language, and make them more powerful leaders.


Register for this course Here and advance the calendar to the March page in 2016.
look for - - 7:30AM Curso Insignia de Madera (Wood Badge) 2016 En Espaņol (Training)

Spanish Wood Badge - basic Staff photo

Scout Juramento y Ley - - Scout Oath and Law - in Spanish and English

Introduccion al Camp Perry y Scoutanismo - Scouting - en Espanol

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